You can register directly on site on the competition day, but if you want to make sure to be riding in the FMB qualifiers it’s better to register as early as possible.
A maximum of 40 riders will start in the qualification and those with a FMB license has got priority, then comes first served…
It’s also beneficial for us as organizers that as many as possible signs up in advance, so please send us your registration today and secure a start on SlopeFest 2015!

pdf-downloadTo participate in the different competitions, you must sign a disclaimer.
If you are underage (under 18), it must also be signed by a legal guardian (parent).
There will be a documents available to sign in place, but it’s better to download the document here, print it out, sign and bring it to us.
It can be especially clever to sign in advace if you don’t bring a legal guardian to the competition.

To register for the competitions send an email with your data to
You will receive a confirmation that the email got through. If it does not arrive within a few days, please contact us again.

Copy and paste the following lines to the email, edit and add your information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code:

Date of  Birth: yymmdd

I want to compete in: (erase the races you will not participate in )
PowerBreak Slope Style (FMB World Tour)
Amateur Slope style
Junior Slope Style

FMB License Number : (if you have a licens)

Welcome to SlopeFest!