Staying in Alfta

Staying in Alfta

There are a few different options for staying in Alfta during SlopeFest.

Alfta Gästgiveri - A hotel in central Alfta.

Alfta Camping - Place for tent or camper / caravan. There's also a few cabins and a hostel available.

About 10 km from Alfta you'll find a STF hostel.

Other alternatives - Stay in a real farmhouse or B&B. More options can be found.

Free camping - Our Swedish Right of Public Access allows camping in the forest, but most of all, we recommend to use the area around Alfta Bike Park to pitch your tent or park your camper / caravan. Obviously, subject to availability. First come...
Toilets will be available on site and in the lake there are wonderful opportunities to swim. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

If you need help finding or booking accomodation, you can always talk to the tourist information. Telephone: +46 271 200 22

Take a look in to the latest tourist brochure for more information

Welcome to Alfta!