The Competitions

Powerbreak Slopestyle - FMB World Tour

This is our big competition, which is part of the FMB World Tour.
All registered riders run a qualifying session on Friday, where it is determined which 14 riders (12 + 2 wildcards) that will compete in the finals on Saturday.
We have a limit of a maximum 40 riders in the qualification. Those who have a FMB license is prioritized, otherwise the first come first served.
The fee to participate in this competition is € 20 or 200SEK that shall be paid on site before the competition.

Amateur class

We see a need for a competition for those who do not feel that they belong in the Pro class but still want to compete.
You may have turned 15 and is no longer authorized to be in the junior class, but don't feel ready to move up and compete with the big boys.
The amateur class runs in the big course and it free of charge to participate.

NOTE! New Rules!

If you choose to run the Pro class, you can NOT register for the amateur class. Even if you fail in qualifying. For various reasons, we must make this restriction.

Junior SlopeStyle

Junior Slope Style is for you who haven't turned 15 yet (i.e. 14 or younger).
This competition runs in a smaller slope style course.
If you want to give the older riders a match even if you are under 15, you can of course step up to the FMB or the Amateur class. If so, enter that at registration.
There's no fee to compete here.

Best Whip by TLD

Simple rules:
The best whip wins and TLD contributes prices.
No registration, just enter. Everyone can participate.

Best Trick

Friday ends with a big clash in the bark landing where simply the best trick wins. Guaranteed worth seeing!
No fee to participate and registration is made on site just before the race.